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Downloads from this website

Over the years I have accumulated a number of documents. They may be of interest to somebody. Some files can no-longer be found at the original websites. A number of pages of this site contain references to some of these files.

Documents on Rolleiflex cameras
Rolleiflex 2,8 E, Photo Karl Keung
Photograph of the film take-up chamber and Rolleikin (35 mm film) counter knob, Rolleiflex 2,8 E.
Photo © 2008 Karl Keung. Photo used with permission.

Rolleiflex 6008 AF and 6008 i2
Product Sheet Rolleiflex 6008 AF and 6008 i2.

Rolleiflex 6008 AF and 6008 i2
Manual Rolleiflex 6008 AF and 6008 i2.

Objektive und Systemzubehör
Prospekt Objektive und Systemzubehör 6000 (German language).

System 6000
Data Sheet Rolleiflex System 6000.

Rolleiflex 2.8 FX
Data sheet Rolleiflex 2.8 FX.

Rolleiflex 4.0 FT
Datablatt Rolleiflex 4.0 FT (German language).

Rolleiflex 4.0 FW
Datablatt Rolleiflex 4.0 FW (German language).

Manual Rolleiflex 2.8 FX and 4.0 FW
User's Manual Rolleiflex 2.8 FX and 4.0 FW (English and German languages).

Manual Rollei 35

Documents on batteries, etc.

PX28 Lithium
Specifications Kodak Lithium battery K28L.

PX28 Silver Oxide
Specifications Kodak Silver Oxide battery KS28.

Documents on Rolleiflex accessories

Power Interface
News Letter Power Interface System 6000.

Master Control
User's Manual Master Control unit System 6000.

Charger C
Press Release Charger C System 6000.

Documents on film

Pack Films
Polaroid Pack Films Guide.

Fujifilm FP100C
Data sheet Fujifilm FP100C Instant film.