Repair Shops and Related Services

by Ferdi Stutterheim

Rolleiflex T, Photo Emmanuel Bigler
Photograph of Rolleiflex T "White-face". Photo © Emmanuel Bigler. Photo used with permission.


The basic design of most of the Rolleiflexes dates back to the Automat model of 1937. Later refinements date from the Fifties and Sixties. It is a 100% mechanical camera and it will need service now and then. In those days sending in a camera for service was quite common. Many cameras, including the Rollei's, were not exactly designed with easy access for service in mind. The cost of labour was not a major concern and Rollei's, Leica's, Contaxes, etc. were used professionally or owned by the rich anyway.

Today, things are quite different. You do not have to be rich to own a classic Rollei, and the cost of labour has risen considerably. Getting a Rollei serviced will cost you money! Some major disassembling has to be done to provide access to the usual problems. It will take a few hours to put things back together again and these hours have to be paid for. Everyone who has bought a Rolleiflex TLR camera should be prepared to have it serviced sooner or later. After this has been done thoroughly, you can expect to be out of the woods for the next 10 odd years. Rollei's were professional cameras built to last, hardly ever ware out, but need a service once in a while.

The most common problem is a sticky shutter caused by dried out lubricant. This will happen to classic lubricants when the shutter is not fired regularly for a very long time. Your newly discovered mint Rolleiflex 2,8A from 1949 will probably suffer from this condition unless previous owners were kind enough to fire the shutter once a month. The long shutter times are going to be affected first. The fault can easily be detected. Select the shutter speed of 1 sec. and fire the shutter. It should snap open, followed by a nice even buzz of the timer. After 1 sec the shutter should close with a snap. If the buzzing sounds uneven, more or less hesitating, and lasts longer than 1 sec a service should be planned in the near future. Usually the faster speeds will still be correct, but the fault will get worse in time. No buzz at all, while shutter stays open, means that you will have to send the camera in right-away. The timing device for long shutter times is completely gummed up.

A nasty problem is lens surface damage by scratches (persistently called "cleaning marks" by sellers) or fungus. If the damage is not too bad it is possible to have your lens surface polished and recoated but it will cost you dearly. Contact John van Stelten at Focal Point. He takes care of lens separation problems too.

In the following list I will mention some addresses to send your Rolleiflex TLR to for a CLA (Clean, Lubricate and Adjust) or for special treatment like lens re-coating. The names were put forward by members of the Rollei List, the Rollei Users Group and other reliable friends with first hand experience. I have no relationship with any of the repair shop on this list. Some shops are well established and have a splendid reputation backed by a great number of loyal patrons. From time to time new repair shops are added. Occasionally one is removed. If you want to know why an entree was dropped, send me an e-mail. Most of the time the repairman retired. The alphabetical order is by the first significant word of the company name or by surname of a person if no company name is known. So: Mr. Greg Weber of Weber Camera under "W" (company name) and Mr. Paul Ebel of Paul Ebel Lens Service under "P" (company name).

Off course there will be others who would do a good job on your Rollei. In general I would suggest that you send your TLR to a person whith ample experience in servicing Rollei TLR's. They are pretty complicated cameras. Your´s would not be the first camera that has to be rescued after a first time Rollei ‘repairer’ has botched up a job.

I am in more or less regular contact with some of the listed repair shops. I know that others are still in business. From some of them I have not heard in years since being recommended. In general it would be a good idea to visit the websites or contact the repair shop first to check the services on offer and the present address, before sending any equipment to an address published underneath. Please, please, allow for the difference in Time Zone before making a phone call. Any particulars I know are added to their entry in the list. If you feel you should contact me before or after a repair, do not hesitate to do so. To re-assure everyone: this hardly ever happens.


Mr. Sargon Evanian
220 Fairfield Street
Fairfield NSW 2165
Phone: +61 2 9724 71 27
Mr. Evanian works in Australia as a Rolleiflex technician since 1964.


Fototechnik Kleinert
E. Baumgartnerstrasse 12
A 5020 Salzburg
Phone: +43 662 84 57 00


Mr. Harry Müller
Ahumada 312 of. 402
Santiago de Chile
Phone: 56-2-698-3596
Mr. Müller accepts jobs from South and Central America.


Listed in alphabetical order based on the (significant part of the company) name:

Atelier 102
10, rue Nicolas Appert
F-75011 PARIS
Phone: (+33) (0)1 48 06 58 08
Fax: (+33) (0)1 48 06 94 03
Independant repair shop specialized in classic Rollei cameras. Close to Bastille Square.

Mr. Gérard Métrot
Atelier GMS
GM services
27, rue des Pinsons
Phone: (+33) 3 (0) 1 77 23 58 90
Mobile: (+33) 3 (0) 6 16 23 85 19
Mr. Métrot is the former owner and chief technician of Photo Suffren. While officially retired he and his company GM Services still work as a repair facility under the name Atelier GMS. Leica, Rolleiflex, Nikon, mechanical shutters service and repair. No cars please. ;-)

Ateliers Photo Cine MS
3, rue Charles Baudelaire
F-75012 Paris
Phone: (+33) (0)1 44 75 73 73
Fax: (+33) (0)1 43 44 25 40
Official Rollei Service representatives in France. Service of Rollei MSC twin series slide projectors only.

Photo Suffren
45, avenue de Suffren
F-75007 Paris
Phone: (+33) (0)1 45 67 24 25
Fax: (+33) (0)1 47 83 78 68
e-mail: info and photosuffren1
Sales and service of classic and vintage Rolleiflexes since 1929 including the SL66/E/X/SE. Braunschweig factory trained technician.
Not far from the Eiffel Tower. Métro La Motte Picquet Grenelle or Dupleix.

Rolleiflex T, Photo Emmanuel Bigler
Photograph of Rolleiflex T "White-face". Photo © Emmanuel Bigler. Photo used with permission.


Listed in alphabetical order based on the (significant part of the company) name:

DHW-Fototechnik GmbH
Salzdahlumer Strasse 196
D 38126 Braunschweig, Germany
Phone +49 531 6800425 (Service Hotline, Mo - Fr 9.00 - 15.00h GMT+1, GMT+2 when Summer Time)
Fax +49 531 6800244
e-mail: Ms. Manilla Brauner
Phone +49 531 6800100
Fax +49 531 6800295
e-mail: info
Ms. Katharina Dykierek
Phone: +49 531 6800348
Fax +49 531 6800295
e-mail: Ms. Katharina Dykierek
URL e-bay shop:
DHW-Fototechnik continue the production and service of certain Rolleiflex products including the FX, FT, FW, Hy6 and lenses for the System 6000/Hy6.

Mr. Dieter Paepke
Paepke-Fototechnik GmbH & Co. K.G.
Rather Broich 57
D 40472 Düsseldorf
Phone +49 211 98 68 88 0
Fax +49 211 98 68 88 29
e-mail: Paepke
Official Rollei Sales and Service (Vertragswerkstätte), all classic and modern cameras and slide projectors. Official Leica Service (products later than 1939). Metz Service.

The Netherlands

Mr. Hans Klinkhamer
De Kamera
Batavenstraat 47
7041 VA `s-Heerenberg
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 314 668755
e-mail: De Kamera
Visitors by appointment only, please. Hans is servicing and repairing all Rollei cameras (including 2000F, 3001 and 3003), lenses and slide projectors. Hans does not repair compact cameras, electronic flash units and the electronics of the SLX and 6000-series. He does accept SLX and 6000-series cameras for repair but if the problem turns out to be electronic rather than mechanical he will have to send them out.

Mr. Will van Manen & Ms. Cathy Kuiper
Will van Manen Kamera-Service vof
Dorpsstraat 81
2712 AD Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 79 316 3339
e-mail: Kamera Service
Rolleiflex, Hasselblad and Leica repair and maintenance.


Schönherrs Foto
Upplandsgatan 16
113 60 Stockholm
Telephone 08-327647
Schönherrs will send the Rolleiflex out to a skilled repairman who lives in Sweden.


Rollei Rep'service Baumgartner Otto
Meierhofrain 24
CH 8820 Wädenswil
Phone/Fax +41 44 780 55 15
“Dealing with Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner is also entering a time machine, back to the perfect and polite Switzerland of the 50s.” (customer comment).

United Kingdom

Mr. Brian Mickleboro,
6 Fairway
Bishop's Stortford
Herts, CM23 5LT
e-mail: Mr. Brian Mickleboro
Phone 01279 755862
Formerly of The Studio Workshop, London. Mr. Mickleboro is factory trained and has 30-40 years of experience in servicing Rollei cameras.


Listed in alphabetical order based on the (significant part of the company) name:

Mr. Mark Hansen
Classic Camera Repair
3585 S.E. Franklin St.
Portland, OR 97202-1828
Telephone: unkown
e-mail: ClassicCamera

Mr. John van Stelten
Focal Point, Inc.
300 Center Drive
Suite G-177
Superior, CO 80027
Telephone (303) 665-6640
e-mail: Mr. John van Stelten
Focal Point specialises in anti-fungus treatment of lens surfaces, lens re-cementing and re-coating. That is the reason they are listed here. They no longer service or repair camera bodies.

Rolleiflex Standard 1932 (Model 621), 
	Photo S.Liu
Photograph of Krimar Photo Shop © 2005 S. Liu taken with a 1932 Rolleiflex Standard fixed by Krikor. Photo used with permission.

Mr. Krikor Maralian
Krimar Photo Shop
105-B (Route 4) Broadway
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Telephone (201) 796-0554
e-mail: Mr. Maralian prefers to be contacted by telephone.
Since January 2005, Krimar Photo Shop of Elmwood Park, NJ is the official Rollei repair service for older models in the US market. Krimar has taken over from Marflex Camera Repair, which has serviced the Classic Rollei over the past two decades. Krikor Maralian, owner of Krimar and Head Technician at Marflex, has nearly 50 years of Rollei repair service experience, and a superb reputation in the business. Besides 23 years at Marflex, Krikor trained at the Rolleiflex factory for three years, with an 8 year stint at Rollei Africa, and eight years at Rollei USA.

Mark Hama, Ltd.
2675 Earl Drive
Marietta, GA 30062
Telephone (770) 565-1498
Fax (770) 977-5078
e-mail: Mr. Mark Hama
Mr. Hama worked at Yashica in Nagano, Japan, where he was building the Mat 124G. He is the leading expert for servicing Yashicas. He services Rolleiflexes too.

Mr. Bill Maxwell
Maxwell Precision Optics
P.O. Box 33146,
Decatur, GA 30033-0146,
Telephone (404) 244-0095
e-mail:Maxwell Precision Optics
URL: Maxwell Precision Optics
Mr. Maxwell provides focusing screens for new and classic Rolleiflex and other cameras.

Mr. Harry Fleenor
Oceanside Camera Repair
909 Aviation Blvd, #4
Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266, U.S.A.
Telephone (310) 374-6506
e-mail: Mr. Harry Fleenor
Mr. Fleenor is servicing Rolleiflex cameras since 1966, including 15 years of that time in the Rolleiflex factory service centres of Honeywell and Rollei of America. He is repairing the Rolleiflex TLRs (including Rolleiflex 2.8 F, 3.5 F, Rolleiflex 2.8 E-3, 2.8 E-2, 2.8 E, 2.8 D, 2.8 C, 2.8 B, 2.8 A, Rolleiflex 3.5 E-3, 3.5 E-2, 3.5 E, 3.5, Automat X, 3.5 Automat MX, Automat MX E-V, Tele Rolleiflex, Wide-Angle Rolleiflex, Rolleicord Vb, Va, V, IV, and Rolleiflex T, Rollei SL66, Rollei 35. Maxwell bright screens installed.

Mr. Paul Ebel
Paul Ebel Lens Services
420 21st Street North Suite #2
PO Box 141
Menomonie, WI 54751
Telephone (651) 335-8759
e-mail: Mr. Paul Ebel
Mr. Ebel received positive feed-back from many customers.

Pro Camera Service
2965 East Hillcrest Dr., Suite #302
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Telephone (805) 497-7240
Fax (805) 497-0826
e-mail: Pro Camera
Karl is their Rolleiflex specialist. He worked whith Harry at the former Rollei of America service facility at El Segundo.

Danielle Inc.
Rollei & Hensel Service
1275 Bloomfield Avenue
Building 8, Unit 68
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: (973) 244 9662
Fax: (973) 244 9817
e-mail: info
I understand the technician who worked on the System 6000 cameras has retired and Danielle Inc. no longer service the cameras. System 6000 cameras have to be sent to Germany for service and repair.

Mr. Greg Weber
Weber Camera
2022 E. 7th St
Fremont, NE 68025-1615
Telephone (402) 721-3873
Fax (402) 721-3838
e-mail: Mr. G. Weber
Mr. Weber is a Konica specialist. He also accepts Rolleiflex repairs.

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